Since the last update of May 2, 2018, the following has occurred or changed regarding the giardia:

  1. Giardia treatments have concluded.
  2. The bathing took place on Saturday and Sunday and was very successful.
  3. Staff has been commenting on the decrease of diarrhea in the dog population.
  4. To date, no staff has stated they have contracted or had symptoms of giardia.
  5. A small number of dogs are still having symptoms similar to those of giardia. These dogs are under the close care of our medical director.

We are still looking forward to the May 18th testing. Test results should be back May 19th but could take as long as three days. A press release will be issued when the test results are received.

More updates will be posted as needed.

For the animals-

Clint Thacker

Executive Director

Animal Service Center of the Mesilla