Since the last update of April 30th, 2018 the following has occurred or changed:

  1. A communication error occurred on Monday April 30th, where only 1/3 of the dogs were treated. This error was discovered on Tuesday May 1st. Because of the error, the conclusion of the five-day treatment has been updated to Saturday May 5th.
  2. Treatments are continuing to be administered on a daily basis. We have found it takes two of our staff approximately 4 hours of nonstop work to complete the treatments.
    1. The medicine is administered orally and is a white sticky mess. Most dogs do not like it and it is a struggle to administer it to them. The two staff members that do the treatments come out covered in the white medicine from head to toe. The staff yesterday had it in their hair and ears!
  3. Because staff has to get in with the dogs and handle them individually, we have been able to identify some aggressive dogs that could not be handled. These dogs have had to be euthanized. These decisions are being made in a group setting. While this has been a hard decision to make, it assures that the dogs entering our adoption program are less likely to be aggressive. As of today, two dogs have been euthanized due to aggression.
  4. The bathing of the dogs will occur on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th.
    1. It has been decided that due to liability issues, no volunteers will be allowed to assist in the bathing.
    2. Bathing will take place in the dogs kennel during regular cleaning using a tick shampoo. This shampoo will clean the dogs and kill any ticks that may be on them. Our Medical Director is overseeing this project.


Regardless of how long giardia has been at the ASCMV, I am proud of our staff that has been willing to raise the bar to get our animal population healthy and adoptable once again. Even when the situation swiftly changes, I am confident that we are doing our best with the knowledge we have to provide a healthy place for the animals of this community.

More updates will be posted as needed.

For the animals-

Clint Thacker

Executive Director

Animal Service Center of the Mesilla