Since Friday April 27, 2018, the ASCMV has suspended all dog adoptions for the next 20 days. In an effort to be transparent, here is an update to the situation.

1. The ASCMV is still open to the public.

2. The ASCMV is still accepting stray animals both from the public and Animal Control.

3. All stray impounds and surrenders are being kennel together as they come in.

4. Recently impounded dogs are not being kenneled with dogs that have been at the shelter since the adoption suspension.

5. The first of five treatments has been administered to all dogs in the shelter. The treatments will conclude on Friday, May 4th.

6. The Giardia parasite can stay on the fur of the dogs. All dogs will have to be bathed on Saturday May 5th.

a. A large volunteer recruitment will be sent all this week with further information.

7. A population fecal sample will be taken on Thursday, May 17th. Results will be back on Friday May 18th.

8. To the best of our knowledge, no dogs in our shelter have died from Giardia.

9. No dogs have been euthanized due to giardia.

a. We have no plans to euthanize any dogs as a way to control this outbreak.

10. Funds were secured prior to purchasing the needed medicine.

11. The public has been very generous with donations totaling over $900.00. of our $4,000.00 total.

I again would like to show my appreciation to our Medical Director, Susan Baiz and all of the ASCMV staff for their hard work during this critical time.

More updates will be posted as needed.

For the animals-

Clint Thacker

Executive Director

Animal Service Center of the Mesilla